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Del Trio is perfectly aware of the current economic climate and the challenges it’s posing to both our partners and other wholesalers in the avocado market. Between the pandemic, inflation and sky-high prices of avocado, it is critical for any avocado-related business to have a trustworthy supplier that is constantly being proactive in the pursuit to offer high quality products and stable working conditions. Given this situation, Del Trio has been working really hard on multiple parts of the business to precisely address this situation:

  1. Del Trio is extremely excited to announce that we have formally migrated to our brand new manufacturing plant. With a space of 180,000ft^2, semi-automated ripening chambers, 6 production lines, automated sealing technologies and the latest HPP technology, this new state of the art facility will take Del Trio and its partners to a whole new level.
  2. Del Trio is pioneering a new pricing model that will allow its partners to pay a FAIR price for the products we manufacture. This new model will specially benefit high volume wholesalers and brands around the world that truly understand the instability avocado-related businesses suffer with the avocado price volatility.
  3. Del Trio has installed a brand new area dedicated to the research and development department. The main goal of this department will be to help our clients develop brand new products or recipes that they can introduce into the market.
  4. As a company culture, Del Trio’s core value is to offer the best quality the market has to offer. Given this, our quality assurance department has been reformulated and strengthened even more. We are true believers in that the real challenge in business lies in getting the second sale because that’s the true validation of your product. Because of this, the goal of our sales team is to make sure we get the first sale, but the goal of the quality assurance department is to make sure you get the second one.

These, along with other important actions come into play during tough moments for the whole sector and they are brought up to reassure our current clients that they are in good hands, but especially to notify other players in the market that Del Trio has the infrastructure, the capacity, the team and the products to propel your business to the next level. The only question is whether you’d be interested in leveraging everything Del Trio has to offer to help your business thrive. If you are, please contact us so we can evaluate whether your goals align with Del Trio’s goals.

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