Our Philosophy



To provide consumers with the freshest and most nutritious home-made and ready-to-eat guacamole experience they can find in the market.


To become the most important guacamole brand in the USA market.


Reliability, trustworthiness & innovation.


As the company name implies it, Del Trio was founded by 3 Mexican entrepreneurs and brothers with very different skillsets. This, along with the company’s mentality to surround itself with the best talent the market has to offer, has been a critical factor in the rapid growth of the company.

Proudly, Del Trio’s team is mostly made up of women and will continue to scale that way. Del Trio is also recognized for being one of the highest paying food industry companies in the region and is constantly seeking to provide the best possible opportunities to its workforce.



Although it might seem like it’s been a fast journey for Del Trio, it’s certainly been an intense ride for all of us involved. The company started out in 2016 with sales in local supermarkets and a 550 ft^2 office with absolutely no machinery or infrastructure. Soon after our launch we decided to move to a 6,200ft^2 and begin testing our luck with regional restaurant chains.

Our efforts eventually led us to begin working with multiple restaurant chains and a couple of the largest food service distributors in the country, so we decided to expand our facility to 12,400ft^2 and begin offering our products abroad. Fast forward to 2020, Del Trio has developed into a certified company with exports to 4 continents, we offer a range of products covering the retail, food service and food processing industries, and we have a 180,000ft^2 facility with a total capacity of approximately 50,000lbs per shift.



Although our process has evolved drastically since 2016, the core has remained the same. Upon the reception of avocados in our facility, we inspect, wash and sanitize them before introducing them to the ripening chambers. These ripening chambers control multiple variables that are critical in bringing the avocados to their optimal ripening point. Once the avocados are ready to be processed, they are automatically sliced, hand scooped and mixed with the recipe’s ingredients. After mixing, the product is filled and sealed in its desired presentation.

The sealed product is then introduced into an incredible process called High Pressure Processing or HPP for short. HPP is a simple yet powerful process in which the product is subject to extremely high pressures. What the high pressure does is that it pasteurizes the product to make sure it’s microbiology is sent to essentially zero and it allows us to guarantee that the product won’t contain any pathogens. In simple terms, HPP allows us to guarantee that we are offering food safe and all natural products while keeping the nutrients in the product intact. After HPP, we finally freeze and/or pack the product to be shipped to our clients.